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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  December 31, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> good morning everyone. it is 5 o'clock on this last day of 2014 and breaking this morning. >> there are new overnight developments in the search for missing air asia plane 8501. >> a fast moving house fire sends residents out into the cold in philadelphia overnight. >> bundle up before the ball drops. accuweather is tracking brisk wind and frigid temperatures for tonight. >> let's go to matt pelman
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until for karen. happy new year. >> happy new year. we have satellite with a good picture for you. clear skies overhead across our immediate region. plenty of sunshine will be pouring in off the coastline before too much longer this morning and it's going to look g it's not going the feel great, though. we're at 28 degrees right now philadelphia. 24 in allentown, 24 in wilmington, 22 in wilmington, just 19 degrees currently in millville and 28 down the shore. and that does represent a pretty big drop from yesterday. we're about 9 degrees no problems to report -- colder in philadelphia. 24 to 26 degrees mainly clear and cold. perhaps a little bit breezy for some of you and as we head out and experience the rest of the day we stay in the 30's today and stay pretty cold. 28 actually by 9 o'clock but then 32 by noon. 34 by 3 o'clock with this high of 35 hitting at 2 o'clock and by 6 o'clock we're back below the freezing mark and headed for a very chilly new year's eve. i'll have more details on what it's going to feel like at
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midnight tonight and during the mummers parade tomorrow and what's after that matt pelman in the seven day. >> at least it's going to look good. this also looks good this morning, david the ramp from spring garden street to the westbound schuylkill, i-76 reopened yesterday. they said end of december, they meant it. they got the ramp reopened after being closed for a couple of months. so go ahead and use that and on the schuylkill 76 itself traffic is moving fine. we expect pretty light volume again this morning. no delays of course so far on 95, roosevelt boulevard also looks good. had a damaged pole overnight in gilbertsville along philadelphia avenue at park lane there by one stop auto repair. they got that fixed so no need to worry about that anymore but there's a crash in upper salford along schwenksville road east of the perkiomen greek. word of a crash in east greenwich southbound side of the jersey turnpike exit two. lanes are opened now in bellmawr on 295 southbound. overnight construction zone
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approaching 42 has cleared out. matt. >> thank you matt. we begin with breaking news in the search for the airasia jetliner. more bodies have been found plus a number of media outlets are reporting an indonesian sonar picked up the plane's location. however abc news says other reports conflict. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live at the sat center to sort out these overnight developments. katherine. >> reporter: the associate press is among those reporting that sonar equipment has detected wreckage at the bottom of the sea but it's unclear what kind of condition that wreckage is that in. search and rescue teams have been contending with inclement weather, high surf strong winds and currents that are hampering the search. so much grief, so many questions. some fainted after hearing confirmation that debris found in the java sea did belong to that missing airasia flight. overnight we learned seven victims have been recovered.
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four of the bodies were male and three female. one was a flight attendant identified by her red uniform. despite official word from search and rescue teams loved ones still held out hope. 162 souls were on board airasia flight 8501 when it disappeared halfway through a two-hour flight from indonesia to singapore. the international search has involved dozens of planes, ships and helicopters. u.s. navy ships are on location. the chief of indonesia's search and rescue says his team has retrieved pieces of the plane along with a blue suitcase and an oxygen tank. experts say the metal wreckage with burn marks could suggest an explosion or fire. >> once you have the debris you look at it all and fire stands out explosion stands out. was it ripped apart or was something else going on here? >> reporter: and the search for the plane's black boxes
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continues and that could be critical in trying to determine what happened in those moments leading up to the crash. we're live from the satellite center, katherine scott channel6 "action news." tam. >> katherine thank you for that. and this story is new this morning. it was a battle for firefighters at two house fires in northeast philadelphia overnight. the first one happened just before 1:00 a.m. on the 1600 block of margaret street. firefighters found a second floor bedroom in flames when they got to the scene. investigators removed a burned mattress there from the floor. everyone inside the home was able to get out safely. and then shortly after that fire crews were called to a basement fire on the 7200 block of clarence street. it took about 15 minutes for them to get that blaze under control. here as well everybody inside did make it out safely. and chopper 6 was over the scene of a police-involved shooting in bridgeton new jersey. police were called to quell a large disturbance at henry street in south avenue at 9:30 last night. somehow that escalated to officers shooting one person
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who was in a black jaguar. no word yet on the condition of the victim or what prompted the altercation. >> police want to talk to man who they believe stole christmas tips meant for hard working garbage collectors in the suburbs. the cash was nest holiday cards and taped to trash cans in neighborhoods in delaware and chester counties. residents had called police saying they believe some tips had been swiped, then a homeowner in wayne spotted the thief in action and was able to grab a partial license tag number to call it in. >> patrol officers were able to deduce that a tag or a partial tag and then look into police systems and found a vehicle with a matching description, make model and color. >> authorities have identified their suspect as 50 year old o norman demko of malvern. they issued a summons to charge him with theft. "action news" was unable to reach demko for comment but -- we actually tried but were
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unable to do so. >> it's almost 5:07. new york city is getting ready for that big bash in times square. they tested the ball yesterday to make sure it will drop from its lofty perch in times square. the crystal ball will light up in colorful patterns you can watch that live only here on 6abc. tune in for the annual tradition dick clark's new year's rocking eve with ryan seacrest. a long list of performers will include taylor swift, egg see see -- iggy azalea. >> storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you there's no precipitation across for the last couple of mornings we've had some sprinkles and snow showers depending on which day you're talk about down by cape may. not today. as we take a look outside we
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have sky 6 and we're looking at center city and you'll see stars out overhead us a head outside this morning and plenty of sunshine up over the horizon a little bit later from now. boy, the temperatures aren't being very nice to us, though, on this final morning of 2014. 24 degrees in allentown right now, same thing in reading. just 23 in lancaster and there are the teens 19 degrees in millville, 28 in philadelphia, 28 degrees in sea isle city. checking out satellite and we have some cloud cover off to the west of us but it looks like it's going to fall apart as it tries to head east. overall expecting plenty of sunshine today but it's going to be plenty cold. if you're in the lehigh valley look for the high temperature to stop around the freezing mark this afternoon. brisk and cold, lots of sun not that that's going to help out very much and down the shore little bit better but still only about 38 for a high, mostly sunny, brisk and cold. this is the atlantic city high if you're down farther south in places like sea isle city maybe cape may you might hit about 40 this afternoon. not that that's a big difference but mentally it makes a little bit of a
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difference i suppose. no mental break in philadelphia. a high of just 35 degrees for new year's eve lots of sun but brisk and cold. the winds running northwest at 10 to 20 miles per hour. and there's how the numbers are going to unfold today. still in the 20's by 8 o'clock, below freezing by 11 o'clock. 35 is your high at 2 o'clock and back to the freezing mark by 5 o'clock. tonight for fireworks at penn's landing looks like it's going to be a killed one. 35 degrees at 6 o'clock then 28 degrees by midnight. a wind chill near 20 and this goes for not only penn's landing but pretty much across the immediate region. some suburbs even colder so definitely bundle up if you're going to be heading outside later on tonight and the same story for the mummers parade tomorrow, new year's day sunny but breezy, 32 degrees by 10 o'clock, 37 by 2 o'clock, mid 30's by 6:00 and the wind chills will make it feel like it's in the uner 20's even at the best of times, so bundle up tonight and again tomorrow. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, brisk and cold today with that high of 35. sunny and brisk tomorrow, 38.
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at least it's dry for the holiday. sun and clouds on friday, 44. for the weekend clouds build during the day a high of 40 and in the evening we're expect something rain. some of the models are suggesting that it will be cold enough for a bit of an icy mix in the northern and western suburbs at the outset so if you have plans to be driving particularly in the northern and western suburbs on saturday evening or later saturday night keep in mind that you might have some slip road conditions. eventually changes over to rain. zinn morning we've got just rain and then some drying and maybe some late sun. fair amount of clouds on sunday overall though. mild high of 56 degrees. but enjoy it while you got it 'cause we're back into the 30's on monday and tuesday. >> oh, well. >> oh, well. >> thank you. >> it is 5:10 and next up a would be thieve's plan to bust open an atm blows up in his face. >> cell phone video captures a day hike that turned into a sprinter to survive. >> sprinterring into work on this last day of 2014. looks like a pretty easy feat at this point matt.
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>> ♪♪ >> 5:13. philadelphia international airport on this wednesday. it's the last day in 2014. only 29 degrees on city avenue. only getting up a hair above freezing today. but it's going to be dry for those fireworks this evening
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and tonight. >> you know, matt pelman for now looks like people are resting up. not out there on those roadways getting ready for tonight. >> as they should be, yes indeed. that's been the case most of the week. people have been sleeping in meaning my job has been easy in the morning as we like. as we head to the burbs looking at less than 19 hours from we ring in the new year. we'll talk about some of the things that changed on our area roadways during 2014. one of the new things was a new construction zone along route 100 in lionville. they started the widening project this year. it will continue into the new year but no extra midday restrictions scheduled today. the crews are scheduled to return during the mid days next week. right now 100 at 113 looks fine. crash in upper salford along schwenksville road at park avenue east of the perkiomen creek cleared out. in greet greenwich gloucester county that wreck involving the vehicle off the roadway. southbound side of the new jersey turnpike approaching
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exit two for 322 but the lanes are opened so no big delays. still have some overnight construction in penns grove along 130 southbound past route 48 harding highway. some milling work blocking the right lane until 6 o'clock so about another 45 minutes. and they're working on the a.c. expressway this morning eastbound approaching the farley service plaza blocking a couple lanes scheduled until 5:00 p.m. i wouldn't be surprised if because of the holiday coming up they clear out a little bit early. let's bring you the commuter report. not a lost people out this morning. in the lehigh valley people talking about a couple vehicles stopped on the shoulder on 78. no issues on 22 or the northeast extension. tam. >> thank you matt. nine people are dead after what police are calling the worst mass murder event ever in edmonton canada. investigators found the bodies of at three separate crime scenes. they say a man with a lengthy criminal record killed six adults and two young children before taking his own life. officials say the deaths are the result of domestic
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violence. it took three years but a suspected rapist is now back in philadelphia to face justice. 39-year-old robert palin is accused of beating and rape throwing women in pennypack park in 2010 and 2011. police stripe these attacks as vicious. >> he immediately just took advantage, knocked them almost unconscious, removed their clothing while they were -- and continued beating them to the point where they had injuries, fractures and multiple facial injuries. >> investigators had dna from the 2011 attack. they got a hit from a national database nine months ago when palin was arrested in wisconsin. he pleaded guilty to raping and trying kill a woman he met online. he's being held on $10 million bail in philadelphia. >> the eagles are the last major philadelphia sports team to record a victory. we'll see how long that lasts. the flyers will try to snap a two game skid when they face the avalanche on this new year's eve in colorado. the sixers meanwhile continues
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to be the worst team in the nba and lost to the nba best golden state warriors in oakland. the score 126-86. the sixers continue their seven game road trip in phoenix on friday. >> whew. it's 5:17. and a fast food chain now offers a veggie option along with its famous bogglers researchers have found reason to warn people about gather argue round the fireplace. >> guys we're cold this morning, colder than yesterday. yesterday was pretty chilly. 28 degrees in philadelphia right now, 19 in millville, 24 in allentown. here's the 24 hour drop. we're now just 5 degrees colder than yesterday in philadelphia but down 15 in millville and in the teens in a couple of other spots especially by the shore. i'll be back with your day planner forecast and get you to the airport next. >> ♪♪
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>> well, this guy's plan to
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rip off an atm in australia backfired quite literally. watch this. surveillance video shows him trying to insert a lit explosive device into the machine and instead of destroying it, it blows up in his face. and causes him to fall backwards. the man didn't escape with any cash but did escape with his life. police believe the same guy was well enough to successfully break into another atm a few days later. >> he needs a new line of work. >> got to love those stupid criminal stories, i'll tell you. >> another one. >> for sure. good morning guys. we're going to head outside in bucks county, check in with 95 by new hope yardley as you head northbound towards the scudder falls bridge, no issues this morning headed into mercer county. mass transit, normal weekday schedules on septa regional rails. extra service tonight to help you get home from the festivities. modified schedule on the septa subways and buses. subways run all night tonight to help you get to where you need to go.
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patco on a holiday schedule and njt's northeast corridor on a modified weekday schedule with extra service during the midday. if you're headed to nyc for the big night david. >> all right good forecast for that, too tonight too as long as you got a coat. it's going to be cold up there and cold here. 28 degrees by 9 o'clock. right now we're down below the freezing mark and slaying -- staying there. by 3 o'clock 34. your high today will be 35 at about 2 o'clock. below the freezing mark by 6 o'clock. brisk and cold all the way today. satellite shows you not a whole lot happening across the majority of the country. a little rain in southern texas and out by los angeles. a little bit of shower activity in central florida but generally speaking we're looking at pretty good conditions to fly and we've got all green aircraft on the big board none hint of any precipitation in our most commonly traveled destinations. tam. >> thank you david. going on to health check disease detectives may have pin pointed the source of the deadly ebola out break. they already believe a two
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year old boy named de mill was the first victim known as patient zero. he's seen in photographers from the video by unicef. villagers say the boy who died last december often played in a hollow tree. the tree caught fire in march a colony of bats flew out. the specimens tested were not infected this research team still thinks the animals are the likely origin for the epidemic. many fireplaces come with a danger hidden right there in plain sight. glass front that keep hands away from flames can also reach scalding hot temperatures, up to a thousand degrees fahrenheit according to the u.s. consumer product safety commission. protective barriers will come with all new glass front fireplaces as of tomorrow but if you have an older fireplace you'll need to install the barrier to prevent kids and others from touch the hot flays. >> don't worry everyone getting out their crystal ball to figure out what the stock market is going to do in the new year. one question.
5:23 am
doesn't anybody go back and review these predictions. abc's reena ninan and kendis gibson has america's money. >> reporter: the last trading day of a record year for wall street. >> reporter: the market increased 12 and a half percent this year. experts agree no one can say for sure what will happen in 2015. >> reporter: what we do know the market increases about 7 percent in a typical year. >> reporter: taylor swift sure had a good year and she's spreading some of that green around. >> reporter: she's been named the most charitable celebrity for the third year in a row by the advocacy group do >> reporter: her biggest gift donating all proceeds from her single welcome to new york to new york public schools. >> reporter: and white castle has something new on its menu, it's a veggie slider. but they have just as many cam reese as the beef versions. not quite as much fat. >> reporter: you can pick up them in honey ranch. i mix all three together with that sandwich. >> reporter: looks good. that's america's money.
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ly. >> it was a very close call for one couple that decided to tempt fate in washington state. colby dodson and ashley followed footsteps that led off the trail despite the signs warning of avalanches. they were just a few feet away
5:27 am
from a cave when a wall of snow and ice started to hurl down towards them. two people were inside the ice cave at the time of the avalanche. they managed to escape and dodson and bushard got out of the way in time. >> something strange is happening in wilmington delaware. someone sent us this video of birds upon birds upon birds everywhere. let's roll it for you here. this was taken by arthur gersik. he lives in havertownly he arrived at his work site on tuesday and there was hundreds upon hundreds of birds going back and forth all over the place. i don't know what type of birds they are. maybe someone at home -- it's hard to tell they're moving so fast. this continued for 15 minutes and they say it's the third time they have seen an occurrence like this. magnetic fields from the earth perhaps? i don't know. >> possibly. all right. well, it is now 5:27 and we continue to follow breaking news in the search for the
5:28 am
airasia jetliner. more bodies have been recovered from the scene. >> plus, we're learning more about the man who police shot and killed in delaware county. they say he had been posting rants and threatened to kill cops. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> breaking right now, more bodies have been found in the java sea as wind and wild seas factor into the search for airasia 8501. a live report on all the overnight developments coming up. >> freezing temperatures could create some dangerous conditions on the roads. in fact, icy conditions caused this nasty crash overnight. >> new year's eve forecast brings a big doyle parts of the delaware and lehigh valleys. >> hey it's 5:30 on this last day in the year of 2014. matt pelman filling in for karen and dave murphy celebrating with accuweather. >> ready to kick it out the door and welcome in the new year tonightly right now we've got cloud cover off to the west but satellite showing you a lack of clouds locally and it does look like we're going to get a lot of nice sunshine in off the horizon and probably staying fairly sunny today. 28 degrees is your current temperature in philadelphia, though


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